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There Are Only Ever 100 People In The Mastermind – Most Members Renew Year After Year Leaving Very Few Openings. If This Page Is Online Right NowThen A Few Spots Have Opened Up…

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Lee Gore, Launched His Own Health & Fitness Transformation Business


After quoting a phrase from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (“these virtues are formed in man by his doing the actions”), Durant sums it up this way: “…we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.”


The larger part of my Army Career I stopped focusing on that, today its about responsibility and the example I leave to my family. Through my own journey I’m able to leave the Army Physically better than I have been in Decades. In this group I will be teaching the secrets that made all the difference for Me, Dr. Bowen & You when you apply today!


Lee Gore, Founder
Elite Transformations


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“In This 16 Week Course We’ll Show You How To Ethically Use Our Exact Secrets To Improve Your Business, Start A Business & Live Your Best Life”

Discover proven secrets, principles & strategies that allowed over 5,378 of our Students to build healthy, happy and rewarding Lives and Businesses. Follow the Journey of The Most recent 20 Students Through Their Next Level Growth Transformation While refining your own.

Time To Expand Your Mind to Create Your Best Life!



Meet Vicki C.

Founder, CEO Rock Your Life

Time To Expand Your Mind to Create Your Best Life!

  • Consultant Proctor Gallagher, 2018
  • Selected for the Today Is The Day Coaching Program, 2018
  • ​Featured in Defyeneurs Magazine in I Coach Top Coaches, 2019
  • Launched Unbounded Love, 2014
  • Joined Dr. Obom Bowen's Inner Circle, 2018
  • Author of the "WHY Book" Launches June, 2019


Here’s What You Get As a Member

Peer To Peer Support

We provide knowledge, experience, and emotional, social, or practical help to each other. The goal is an initiative consisting of trained supporters and can take a number of forms such as peer mentoring reflective listening, or counseling

Award winning Expertise

Well today, I am bringing in some experts to weigh in on what they would like to see us focus on in the coming year. My goal is to keep us in the right success pal 2019 and beyond

Weekly Team Sessions

IF you exercise only once a year, you’ll probably not get six-pack abs if you dedicate only one day per year to team-building activities- for instance, your team members probably won’t be like the cast of Friends. Here we are an active family

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From The Desk Of Dr. Obom Bowen
Atlanta, Georgia.

Hi, I’m Dr. Obom Bowen, the founder of The Today Is The Day Next Level Mastermind ®. I connect industry transformers and leaders with the brightest minds in the world today and help people like you (if you qualify) get access to wisdom and strategies to build and grow your business and curate discussions so you develop and deepen relationships.

The average member or attendee in The Today Is The Day Next Level Mastermind® has a strong desire to go to the next level. Whatever that is for you, we can help you here.

This is the place high-level entrepreneurs go to get their next big breakthrough with access to connection, contribution, and collaboration, not available anywhere else.


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 The Ultimate Guide To Life Transformation And Next-Level Growth!



Discover Proven Secrets, Principles & Strategies That Allowed Over 5,378 Of Our Students To Build Healthy, Happy, And Rewarding Lives And Businesses. Follow The Journey Of The Most Recent 20 Students Through Their Next Level of Growth Transformation While Refining Your Own. Time To Expand Your Mind To Create The Future!

Where do you go to Learn? Every day you have problems and pains in your life or business holding you back. You can spend countless hours and hours reading books and going to workshops to glean the main points and best practices for building a successful business. But you don’t have to. I’ve done that for you. I have built an Online Library of the best of the best practices and, more importantly, the tools for building a great, more profitable small business empowering you to live your best life.

Today Is The Day™ Practical Skills for Successful Next Level Growth Mastermind. Today Is Dr. Obom and Ana Bowen in 2009 founded the Day. Since then, the company has expanded onto six continents and into over 21 countries, and its programs have been translated into many languages. It has developed a reputation for offering the most practical and enlightening programs ever to come out of the fields of cognitive and self–image psychology, social learning theory, and high–achiever research. The international headquarters for Today Is The Day Institute is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Learn Better: One thing I have learned from the last 9 years of coaching small business owners is that following the same old beliefs but doing them faster does not work; it only gets you to the wrong place sooner.

This is a resource for you: A place to go when you are stuck, want to learn a better way, or a place to go on your schedule to begin building a better, more profitable company step by step, lesson by lesson.
Solidly grounded in the latest research from cognitive psychology and social learning theory, documented results clearly show measurable increases in organizational effectiveness and productivity after applying the Today Is The Day Institute concepts.

Obom Bowen, Ph.D.

About Dr. Obom Bowen He may have started as a United States Marine and Entrepreneur. Still, a belief in no limits has led Dr. Bowen to become one of the most highly respected educators in the world today. His singular teaching style – taking the complex concepts and current research results from cognitive psychology and social learning theory and making them easy to understand and even easier to use – has brought him students from all over the globe.
He received his Bachelor’s degree from Central Texas University. He earned an MA in Education and Business and his Ph.D. in Human Behavior and Psychology from the University of Chapel Hill, with a significant focus in the mental health sciences. Dr. Bowen is the internationally recognized best-selling author of the popular books, The Philosophy of Success, Passion 365, and Today Is The Day.

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CEO | VETSRadio.com

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Former NFL Player| Business Philanthropist

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