How You Can Become a Leader That Influences, Inspires, and Empowers People and Your Team To Take Action

Start a Successful Six-Figure Coaching Business, Enhance Your Career, and Command Respect Wherever You Go!

Few of us are not born leaders, but most of us aspire to be leaders and look up to at least one authority figure in our lives. Perhaps it’s a parent, an old mentor, a teacher, or your own boss.


Either way, we’ve all daydreamed about having that kind of commanding presence. The ability to walk into a room and have it instantly fall silent. The ability to rise to any occasion and give directions others are willing to follow.

Leadership and Coaching are Skills That You Can Learn

Here’s the good news: leadership and coaching skills are not just something you are born with. While there certainly are a few “natural born leaders,” most people will develop the skills that make them great leaders through deliberate practice and careful study.


You can do the same thing to become an inspiring and influential leader in your own life. You too, can command respect, talk so that others listen, and help to take your team into a bold new future.

But why bother becoming a leader or coach?

What’s so great about it anyway?


Leadership may have the most obvious benefits in our careers or business. As a leader, you will be a great fit for management or executive roles. These positions pay the highest salaries, and they’re the ones that most of us aspire to accomplish.

Too many people fall into these positions with no fundamental leadership skills. They become leaders because they’ve been in the organization for a long time or simply pushed hard enough.

The result is that they end up leading people with no real idea how to do it. It’s not long before these kinds of organizations crash and burn as they fail to motivate their teams and drive their staff away.

Learning how to develop your leadership skills will make you a natural fit for all those high-paying positions. That, in turn, means you’re far more likely to get the kind of raise you’ve always dreamed of and take your career to the next level.

Moreover, having essential leadership skills will mean you can ace those roles. You can stand out, make yourself known, and attract attention to your organization for all the right reasons. This accomplishment will help your star only to soar higher as you become the best version of the person you are today.

But that’s not all there is to be a leader.

Influential Leaders Can Make Big Money as Coaches

Being a leader can impact every single aspect of your life.

Strong leadership skills in your family will make you a better partner and parent. You’ll be able to create order in your family home and help nurture your children in an environment where they feel protected and confident – where they can express themselves.

In your friendships, the ability to be a leader is something that will help you to enjoy time with friends better. It’s time to stop being the jester of the pack and take your place as the alpha!

And when others need help in life or their careers? That’s when being a leader becomes an actual superpower as a Coach. 

But where do you begin?

You CAN Be a Successful Coach

My name is Jeffery Boyle, and I have built multiple multi-million-dollar coaching businesses across the globe. I founded Bemodo to help future leaders just like you start a new career, make profits, and help you provide training that is proven to help you succeed.


Let’s face it, life is tough, and people all around you need targeted solutions that work to improve their lives, relationships, and business skills.

Everything You Need To Be a Coach

Joining Bemodo as a Coach will give you the tools, resources, and guidance you need to become a successful Coach. 

With our support, you can create additional income by providing valuable resources for your contacts, brand yourself as a leader, and access experienced mentors who have helped develop successful leaders and coaches.

Here is a sneak peek inside the

Bemodo Coaching Program

  • Customized coaching: We'll help you with specific challenges faced in coaching, like building confidence and sales skills.
  • Experienced mentors: Our mentors have lots of experience and can help you and your team overcome challenges.
  • Tools and resources: We'll give you access to helpful tools and resources like automation and systems.
  • Increased income potential: You can earn more money by sharing resources, branding yourself as a leader, and getting expert coaching.
  • Building confidence: We focus on building confidence and developing leadership skills to help you and your team become better leaders.
  • Sustainable organization: Our coaching program helps build a robust and lasting coaching business.
  • Measurable results: We work with you to get fast and sustainable results, focusing on sales skills, prospecting, closing, and developing leaders.
  • Support and guidance: We offer exceptional support, feedback, and solutions to help you and your team succeed.
  • Ongoing partnership: We require an annual partnership agreement to support you as you grow and improve as a leader.

Everything You Need to Lead and Mentor an Organization


When you join, you’ll get our exclusive Networking Star Pack, which is full of valuable resources to help you succeed. 

Here are the resources that you will get instant access to

  • 8 Steps to Success: The step-by-step instructions I used to turn newbies into high-profit leaders across the globe. From creating an endless source of leads to improved leadership, the course is the missing link for coaching success.
  • The Productive Solopreneur: How To Develop Your Mindset To Achieve Success as a Solopreneur
  • Visualize Success: How to Manifest your Ultimate Desires with Visualization
  • The Abundance Mindset: The Ultimate Guide to Living an Abundant, Unlimited, and Content Life
  • Personal Branding Blueprint: 7 Keys To Building a Powerful Personal Brand
  • The Influential Leader: How You Can Become a Leader That Influences, Inspires, and Empowers People and Your Team To Take Action

You will also get access to Course Ninja, a step-by-step training to help you rapidly create courses and avoid endless 1-1 calls where you keep repeating yourself.

Join Bemodo Coaching Now

Achieve Your Coaching Goals

Joining Bemodo’s coaching program can help coaches overcome the challenges of their business and create successful leaders in their downline.


With Bemodo’s expertise and experience, leaders can be sure they are receiving the best support network available in the industry. 


Take advantage of the opportunity to create explosive growth and momentum in your coaching business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Bemodo helps you and your team overcome challenges in coaching. We provide tools and guidance to improve your sales skills. With our help, you can become a great leader and build a strong and long-lasting business. Our easy-to-use technology automates your processes and saves time.

Bemodo coaching focuses on a wide range of skills, including building confidence, developing sales skills, creating a list of prospects, contacting and closing prospects, and online marketing and branding. Our coaching program is tailored to address coaches’ specific challenges and provide targeted solutions that work.

The cost of the Bemodo coaching program has a simple set cost. Schedule a call with our Executive Team to learn more.

The program is ongoing, as growing your network, and improving yourself, are never-ending responsibilities.  We require annual partnership agreements, as we only select applicants serious about success.

Yes, Bemodo coaching can help you regardless of your experience level as a coach. Our coaching program is designed to help new and experienced coaches overcome the industry’s challenges and create successful leaders.  The only criterion is your willingness to put in the hard work it takes to succeed.

If you want to overcome coaching challenges and create successful leaders, then Bemodo coaching may be right for you. We encourage you to book a call with the Bemodo Executive Team to discuss your specific needs and learn more about how our coaching program can benefit you.

At Bemodo, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional support to our coaching clients. We offer ongoing support and guidance to help you and your team overcome challenges and achieve your goals. Our experienced coaches are available to answer your questions, provide feedback and offer targeted solutions to help you and your downline succeed.

The timing of results from the coaching program can vary depending on your specific needs and goals. However, we work closely with our Coaches to ensure they see measurable results immediately. We focus on building confidence, developing sales skills, creating a list of prospects, contacting and closing prospects, and online marketing and branding, all of which can lead to faster and more sustainable results.

Getting started as a Bemodo Coach is easy. Book a call with the Bemodo Executive Team, and we’ll discuss your specific needs and goals and how our coaching program can help you achieve them. We offer straightforward pricing solutions so you can get started immediately.