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How I went from $150K in credit card debt to traveling the world full time with my family (Yes! married, 5 kids (two at College), and 100% debt-free)
What 90% of Internet Gurus Teach Will Make You Lose Money

Stop Wasting Time and Money With Failing Methods!

That have the potential to work for only 1% of the people who follow them. Why? Because they either require complex skills, lots of money, or to be extremely patient and resilient if it fails. They can afford to fail, Can You Afford To Lose $6,000?

I’ll Introduce Myself

My Name is Jeffery Boyle

I’m an Entrepreneur, Full-Time Traveler, and E-Commerce Expert. I’ve generated over $10,000,000 in revenue for myself and over $200,000,000 to the companies I’ve been part of with this same system.

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This Was My Situation

Before I Discovered This System

  1. I had crushing debt (over $150k without considering mortgage)
  2. High cholesterol and low energy
  3. Never Had Enough Time
  4. Failed with “Magic” E-commerce Solutions
  5. Wasted Thousands of $$$ on Product Inventory

I knew I had to make a drastic change

Which is why I flipped the traditional e-commerce model upside down. Fast forward 12 years and this is how my life looks today!

I want you to have the freedom of time, finances, and destination that an e-commerce business can give you.

“If your dream is big enough, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it… NOTHING!”

This is completely achievable even without a big instagram following or even tech, marketing or sales skills.

Let’s Take a Look at What Other Gurus Tell You To Do

I’ve personally tried all of these methods and I’ll share my findings with you in this page. Hold on tight.

Option A

Amazon FBA

What They Tell You To Do:

  1. Buy 500 Products from china @10.00
  2. Ship to Amazon Warehouses
  3. Pay Inventory Fees
  4. Pay Advertising Fees

$6,000 to Start

What They Never Tell You:

  1. Customers do not reorder
  2. You don’t have access to your customer database
  3. They assume you know how to run ads properly

Option B

Shopify Store

What They Tell You To Do:

  1. Buy 500 Products from china @10.00
  2. Setup your site or pay an expert
  3. Manage Fulfillment
  4. Pay Advertising Fees

$6,000 to Start

What They Never Tell You:

  1. They assume your site converts (not that easy)
  2. They assume you know how to run ads properly
  3. You need to setup credit card processing and shipping rates

Option C

Shopify Dropshipping

What They Tell You To Do:

  1. Setup your online store or pay an expert
  2. Contact suppliers from china
  3. Supervise fulfillment
  4. Pay Advertising Fees

$6,000 to Start

What They Never Tell You:

  1. Suppliers can stop selling the product whenever they like
  2. Products are from china and take up to 1 month to arrive
  3. Massive amount of chargebacks due to high shipping times
  4. They assume you know how to run ads
You Need 20 Sales a Day To Be Profitable With These Options

How Hard Is It to Get 600 New Customers Every Month?

For the average beginner (which is 90% of online entrepreneurs) this is VERY HARD! Which is why most of e-commerce stores fail within their first 60 days.

We’re Not The Ones Who Tell You This

The very experts who claim these methods are for beginners are breaking this down to you. This is outrageous!


For an expert e-commerce entrepreneur, this is a good method that make you thousands of dollars. However 90% of the people who start these courses end up failing completely because they lack the enough experience and cash to be successful.


The Solution Is Not Having More Experience, Is Following an Easier System That Anyone Can Do To Make Money Online.

Which is Why You Are Here Today

Welcome To Bemodo

We'll Teach You How To Make $1,000 in Record Time and Then How To Scale It

Step 1: Sign Up in Less Than 5 Minutes

You just need you Name, Email.

Choose a Name for Your Store (Keep It Simple), a password.

Finally, your billing address so we can send payouts to you.

Step 2: Follow Our Detailed Training

We Take You From $0 to $1,000 in 10 Steps. You will achieve this in 30 days or even less. Available in ebook and video format.

Step 3: Get Customers

Provide Real Value and Solutions to Your Warm Circle: Friends, Family, Followers. You will NOT be selling cheap Chinese knock-offs like everyone else tells you to do.


Stay away from ads!


Ask them questions about their problems that need solving. This will be very powerful for your strategy.

Step 4: Provide Value with a Product

Once you know what your customers need, go into Bemodo and pick a high-commission product that will help them with their problems.


Focus on selling recurring products, that will guarantee a sale every single month while also providing value.


Here are some examples:

Instead of Needing 600 Sales a Month to Be Profitable

With Bemodo You Only Need 10 to 50 Customers per Month

On top of that, the products you will be selling are recurring, so your customers will order them month after month giving you steady and growing income.
Wait! There's more

We Will Train and Guide You Step by Step

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