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Are you a passionate influencer who cares about your audience and wants to help them achieve their goals?

This is what being a Mall Owner is all about

We have done the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on making money and on helping your followers do the same.

How Does it Work?

The 3 Issues Bemodo Solves:

Product Research & Selection

It can take weeks or months to find an enticing product that has a high demand with your audience. With Bemodo, you only have to focus on selling one thing to entrepreneurs: Becoming an E-commerce Store Owner.

Profit Calculations & Pricing

Pricing your products can feel like choosing between a seldom margin or too high of a price. As a Bemodo Mall Owner, you get 5% out of the gross margin of every product your Store Owners sell.


If suppliers fail to deliver on time, or mess up orders, it falls on you to deal with customer complaints. At Bemodo, we help by providing some customer services and education for Store Owners and their customers.

Is the Bemodo Mall Owner program right for you?

  • Do you have established following interested in money, business, e-commerce, or side hustles?

  • Are you looking to earn income from your social media, blog, or digital skills without managing an entire business yourself?

  • Do you care about making your audience successful online by providing real value and tools?

Monetize your knowledge and share with new entrepreneurs to help launch their E-commerce business!