5 Myths About Ecommerce: Busted, #3 Will Blow Your Mind

Who doesn’t love a lucrative side hustle? These days more than ever a side hustle from home comes in handy as the cost of living keeps increasing.

If you ever want to go on vacation again, you’re going to have to find some income outside of your regular salary.

You might have considered starting an E-commerce store. However, there are many myths about running an E-commerce store that unfortunately keep people from taking the plunge.

Are you curious if you believe a myth about E-commerce? Read on to learn the top five!

1. People Don’t Buy Online


Umm…yes they do. According to Statista, 80% of the population is buying stuff online. That translates to over 263 million people in the US alone! Don’t you think you can find something to sell that at least a few hundred people might be interested in buying?

If you’ve tried E-commerce unsuccessfully in the past, we can pretty much guarantee too few people buying online wasn’t the problem. Your store may have lacked guidance, convenience, inventory visibility, or any other number of things.

In other words, a different approach might work better, but there are definitely people ready and waiting to buy online.

2. Competing with the Big Marketplaces Is Impossible


Oh, we feel you here. It does feel impossible to get people to buy from you, the little guy. After all, many people don’t even bother searching the internet for what they’re looking for. They simply head to Amazon or one of the other big ones to find what they want.

So, you might figure that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Unfortunately, selling on Amazon is time-consuming and few people find success. You might spend hours creating listings only to enjoy a trickle of customers viewing your products.

There are over 12 million products on Amazon. If yours doesn’t show up on page one of the search results, it’s unlikely you’ll be scoring many sales anytime soon.

Plus, the fees you’ll pay to use their fulfillment services will have you looking for Amazon FBA alternatives in no time!

3. E-commerce Is Hard


Many people believe that building up and running an E-commerce store is hard. It’s going to take hours of investigating and learning to get everything set up. You’ll wear many hats, pouring countless hours into setting up a website, blogging, marketing, and learning how to sell.

Well, that’s true if you try to do it all on your own.

But when you get started with Bemodo, the best E-Commerce platform out there, everything suddenly becomes super easy.

You don’t have to write blogs, build a website, or market your products. You don’t even have to know how to sell online because we’ll teach you! Every plan from Bemodo has its own on-demand sales training to help you get started and accomplish your goals in record time.

With no hidden costs, no manual work, and no design experience, you can dive into the world of E-commerce in 5 minutes!

That doesn’t sound hard at all, does it? Click here to sign up.

4. It’s Too Expensive


If you’ve ever investigated E-commerce, you’re aware of the many fees that can be involved. These include:

  • Website design and hosting
  • Marketing and advertising costs
  • Product photography services
  • Accounting services

Not to mention the myriad of handy subscription services that will be vying for your business. Many of them are helpful and will save you time and money in the long run — but only once you actually start making sales.

Again, upfront expenses are only a problem when you try to do everything yourself. When you work with an easy-to-use platform like Bemodo, your path to being a successful digital entrepreneur is both simple and inexpensive. You are paying to get the time-consuming tasks donde for you, not to do the tasks yourself.

You can start working with Bemodo for under $100. That’s right… only a few bucks and an entrepreneurial spirit are all you need to get started. As you progress with real sales, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to the following levels. You’ll enjoy higher payouts on every sale you make as well as insider information on the most profitable products.

But… the good news is you’ll already be making money and 100% know the value of those upgrades.

5. Low Prices Are the Only Way to Make Sales


Too many E-commerce entrepreneurs think the only way to make sales is to offer their products at rock-bottom prices.

However, this will only attract customers who are looking for a deal. These types of customers are often a bigger headache than they are worth. Plus, the tiny profit you make on every sale is quickly demotivating.

A better method is to sell quality products that people want to buy. People assume that more expensive products are of better quality. Those kinds of shoppers will choose a more expensive product — even if there is a similar, cheaper one. They’re looking for a quality item.

When you sell quality products (and get them in front of the right people) you’ll start making sales — even without selling at super cheap prices.

Then, every sale you make will be worth the effort you put into getting it. Instead of feeling demotivated, you’ll be psyched to sell more!

Start Selling the Easy Way

Ready to make money online? Build a lucrative side hustle the easy way with Bemodo. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to sell online or don’t know the first thing about designing a website. We’ve got all the details covered.

All you have to do is start your store, pick your products from a selection of winning products already on our site, and begin marketing to your social media following. And don’t worry, we’ll even help you learn how to do those few tasks!

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